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Rick Wakeman - CAN YOU HEAR ME? (1 audio cassette) - £5.00

"A remix and in some cases rerecording of the original songs from Prayers. Much better all round but again the choir is not what it should be and so one day when I'm rich I'll re-record them again!!! Some great vocal work from Chrissie Hammond as always." ..

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Rick Wakeman - 2000 A.D. INTO THE FUTURE (1 audio cassette) - £0.00

"The music was originally recorded for a huge exhibition up in the north west of England and was released as a CD because so many people who had been to the exhibition wanted to buy it. Although an album of many styles, there is cohesion and I still enjoy listening to it." ..

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Rick Wakeman - ORISONS (1 audio cassette) - £3.00

"This was based around the original prayers and reading on the original Prayers album. It contains background keyboards with the spoken word by my ex-wife. Therefore it will not be re-pressed when current stocks have run out!" ..

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Rick Wakeman - THE NEW GOSPELS (2 audio cassette) - £10.00

"Almost there with this one!!! I'm very proud of this work although I would still like to redo the choir. It really needs a huge 90 piece choir if the truth be known. I would also like to do a couple of little rewrites and there are two more pieces I would like to add....will it never end as regards this oratorio I ask myself? I would also like to perform it with a full orchestra....dream on Wakey!!!!!" ..

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Rick Wakeman - THE WORD AND MUSIC (1 audio cassette) - £0.00

"This was a sort of spin off from the Prayers album but had additional religious music and saying as well as a few songs. In retrospect I should have lumped this together with Orisons to make a double package." ..

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