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Wakeman’s Music Emporium originally opened as shop in Peel on the Isle of Man in the late 1980’s, and stayed open for 6 years before finally closing it’s doors in the mid ‘90s, although it continued to supply mail order right through into the Millennium via the RWCC.

Whilst it would never be feasible to open again as a retail business, it became increasingly apparent over the years that there was a substantial demand for an on-line service that could cover a wide range of “stuff” that Rick has been (and still is) involved with, such as books, CDs, DVDs, vinyl, posters, programmes, reproduced memorabilia, new music, sheet music and “special offer bundles”!

......and so thanks to this demand, Wakeman’s Music Emporium has been “reborn” with the aim of fulfilling as many of the needs and wants of the many Wakeman fans around the world as possible.

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