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Rick Wakeman - White Rock II
Format: 1CD

Catalogue Number: RIC2443
Price: £7.00
Release Date: 12th April 2014
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Rick Wakeman - White Rock II
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When asked to write new scores for all the early Winter Olympic sports films I pieced together the best of all the music and made this album, which I personally think is a nice and genuine follow up to the original. One day I would like to enhance the original and put these two out together but the current owners of White Rock are uncommunicative and so it has about as much chance as happening as I have of ever getting married again!

Featured musicians: Rick Wakeman, Brad Waissman, Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith, Stuart Sawney

Rick's Verdict

I think it's worth having, but that's just my opinion!!!

Little Known Trivia: Virtually all the music on the original films were either of a classical nature or a brass band!


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