Rick Wakeman And His Band - Cirque Surreal
Format: 1CD

Catalogue Number: RIC2453
Price: £12.00
Release Date: 12th April 2014
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Rick Wakeman And His Band - Cirque Surreal
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Difficult one this for me as some of the music is excellent. Sadly I had to sell the album on to another company because of lack of funds mainly due to the fact that the people who ran the circus and for whom the music was written turned out to be less than honest and I was left holding the baby to the tune of £38,000.

Featured musicians: Rick Wakeman, Adam Wakeman, Chrissie Hammond, Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith, Phil Laughlin, Tony Fernandez

Rick's Verdict

I would like to buy this album back one day if I could. I really liked the jig!!!

Little Known Trivia: During the circus run, one of the members of the band, (unmarried member it must be said), had an incredible fling with the high wire gymnastic lady. Boy were the rest of us envious!!!


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