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Rick Wakeman - G'ole'
Format: 1CD

Catalogue Number: RIC2455
Price: £12.00
Release Date: 12th April 2014
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Rick Wakeman - G'ole'
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Another soundtrack album and not bad as soundtrack albums go. It's a shame DVD wasn't about at the time as it would have made a nice sporting DVD release. It was always a pleasure to work with Mike Samuelson the producer and Tony Maylam the director. It was recorded in the worst studio I have ever worked in in my life. (You'll have to check the cover to find out which one)!

Featured musicians: Rick Wakeman, Jackie McAuley, Mitch Dalton, Tony Fernandez

Rick's Verdict

For collector's only!

Little Known Trivia: After the world cup final in Madrid where Italy thumped West Germany 4-1, my wife at the time complained of a severe stomach pain. An immediate doctor's visit back at the hotel confirmed there was indeed a foreign body inside her.....It turned out to be my daughter Jemma aged just a few weeks in the womb!


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