Rick Wakeman - The New Gospels [Colour Sleeve]
Format: 2CD

Catalogue Number: RIC2463
Price: £10.00
Release Date: 12th April 2014
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Rick Wakeman - The New Gospels [Colour Sleeve]
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Almost there with this one!!! I'm very proud of this work although I would still like to redo the choir. It really needs a huge 90 piece choir if the truth be known. I would also like to do a couple of little rewrites and there are two more pieces I would like to add....will it never end as regards this oratorio I ask myself? I would also like to perform it with a full orchestra....dream on Wakey!!!!!

Featured musicians: Rick Wakeman, David Paton, Garfield Morgan, Ramon Remedios, The New Gospels Choir

Rick's Verdict

If you're not sure, try and catch a live performance. That should sway you hopefully!

Little Known Trivia: The re-write first came about at the request of the late Roy Castle who wanted me to perform it in Liverpool Cathedral for his Roy Castle Lung cancer Charity. I finished the re-write with one day to spare.


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