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Rick Wakeman - Fields Of Green [Single]
Format: 1CD

Catalogue Number: RIC2488
Price: £2.00
Release Date: 12th April 2014
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Rick Wakeman - Fields Of Green [Single]
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This was a re-issue of some of the original music from the album with some additional material as used for the music for the General Election of that year. Why on earth I did this I really don't know. I've never taken drugs in my life!

Featured musicians: Rick Wakeman, Chrissie Hammond, Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith, Phil Laughlin, Stuart Sawney

Rick's Verdict

Collector's piece only!

Little Known Trivia: The theme for King Arthur was used by the BBC for more than twenty years as the main theme for all their election programmes but in 1999 I was called by a BBC producer who asked me how much I would like to pay for the privilege of them continuing to use it!!!! It's not been heard since!


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