Rick Wakeman - 1984 - Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1981
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Rick Wakeman - 1984 - Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1981
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Wakeman teamed up with Tim Rice to write the 1984 album, a musical adaptation of George Orwell's book of the same name. The project was a flop for a couple of reasons; critics panned it because Rice's lyrics tried to give the adaptation an upbeat ending, something the book did not have. Secondly, when Wakeman wanted to tour the production in the U.S. Orwell's estate would not give clearance. The show was performed in the U.K. though and this concert features the opening overture and scattered later in the program, "Julia" and "The Proles." The show overall is a mish-mash featuring "Sea Horses" from the Rhapsodies album and then proven crowd pleasers from King Arthur, Henry VIII and Journey. In the liner notes Wakeman says that he was at a low point in his career when this show was taped; his father had just died, he was going through a divorce and he was not happy with the line-up of his band. He doesn't single anyone out but the female vocalist here doesn't live up to the work done on the record by Chaka Khan. Still the show has its redeeming values; the arrangements are changed on the familiar stuff from the three main albums and the band tackles the difficult "Catherine of Aragon" and "Anne of Cleaves" for the first time ever live. Wakeman introduces every song, joking that then the audience will have advance notice as to when to go to the bathroom.


1. 1984 The Overture (Incorporating Wargames) 
2. King Arthur (Incorporating The Last Battle,Arthur,Lancelot and the Black Knight) 
3.Sea Horses 
4. Julia 
5. Henry Medly (Incorporating Catherine Of Aragon,Anne of Cleves and Catherine Howard) 
6. The Proles 
7. Journey Medley ( Incorporating the Journey Overture The Journey and the Recollection


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