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Rick Wakeman - Gastank
Format: 3CD

Catalogue Number: RIC2717
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Release Date: 16th December 2016
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Rick Wakeman - Gastank
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Gastank was an English television show that aired between 1982–1983 on Channel 4. Hosted by Rick Wakeman and Tony Ashton the show featured a mix of interviews with 1970s musicians and impromptu performances where the guest artist would join Rick and Tony with their house band in playing re-arranged versions of their classic songs, or entirely new pieces created for the show. The format was very informal with the setting likened to a bar where Wakeman would interview the guest over a drink or two followed by their performance in front of a small studio audience sitting in groups at tables. Wakeman would frequently cite the show as an opportunity for musicians from different bands to get the opportunity to work together. During its run, the show featured guests as diverse as Ian Paice, Rick Parfitt, Steve Hackett, Andy Fairweather Low, John Entwistle, Godley and Creme, Eric Burdon, Suzy Quatro, Eric Burdon and Phil Lynott. Now for the first time on DVD all the episodes of Gastank along with a CD of these now seminal music performances of Rick and his guests.

This standard edition contains 3CDs.



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