The Real Lisztomania MP3 Download


The Scene
The Metronome
The Country Sword Dance
Free Song
The Freudian Dream
Dante Period
Orpheus Song (Featuring Roger Daltrey)
For The Chop
Hell (Featuring Linda Lewis)
Wagner's Dream
The Dream Of Hell
The Inferno Ride
Master Race
The Ride Of Thor
Excelsior Song
The Guardian Virgins
Rape, Pillage And Clap
Love's Dream (Featuring Roger Daltrey)
The Suffering
Peace At Last (Featuring Roger Daltrey)
Love's Dream (Featuring Roger Daltrey)

Track Listing

  1. The Scene
  2. The Metronome
  3. The Country Sword Dance
  4. Free Song
  5. The Freudian Dream
  6. Dante Period
  7. Orpheus Song (Featuring Roger Daltrey)
  8. For the Chop
  9. Hell (Featuring Linda Lewis)
  10. Wagner's Dream
  11. The Dream of Hell
  12. The Inferno Ride
  13. Master Race
  14. The Ride of Thor
  15. Excelsior Song
  16. The Guardian Virgins
  17. Rape, Pillage and Clap
  18. Love's Dream (Featuring Roger Daltrey)
  19. The Suffering
  20. Peace at Last (Featuring Roger Daltrey)
  21. Love's Dream (Featuring Roger Daltrey)